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The last battle on Arboria was a nightmare. So many of us didn't make it to the ships, so many more stayed behind to cover our escape. Arwick led the resistance to the very end, until the queen ordered him to get aboard the escape craft. It was then that I, too, left my home. I was just as frustrated as At-wick seemed to be, but the queen had given us orders. What else could we do? We had to leave or face death on our homeworld.

And then the place we went next - the ships of the Exile Fleet - was a nightmare at least at first. Unless you are an Aurin, you probably can't understand what it feels like to leave the soil of Arboria behind for a vacuum sealed metal can in cold outer space. But even the fleet was not without some connection to our home. The agriculture ships that kept everyone alive were in trouble, and it turns out we Aurin could help. That was how we thanked the humans for getting us off the planet, but I still wonder if we made the right choice. After all, would the Dominion ever have found us if the humans hadn't first?

As the queen says, that line of thought is like a weed that puts deep roots down in your heart. It will only grow into a tree of hate, and I have to save my hate for the ones truly responsible for the destruction I witnessed on Arboria: the Dominion.

And so we are here, on Nexus at last. I've been invited to join the queen's entourage for the landing in Everstar Grove. I'm looking forward to having soil and grass beneath my feet again. It's been far too long.

(The rest of this personal journal is unfinished. It appears this Aurin'5 journey ended once and for all on Nexus.)


This journal is located in Everstar Grove in Greenleaf Glade at -735,-2339

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