IconDominion  Moving Targets
Type Quest
Mondo Zax
Emperor Myrcalus
Level 1
Location Mondo's LabDestiny
Experience 100
Rewards 60IconCopper
Episode Embrace Your Destiny
Previous Dominion Devotion
Next Purity Shall Prevail

Mondo Zax wants you to destroy the Dominion Monstrosities created in his lab by the Cerebral Rehabilitator. Unfortunately, you'll need to collect a weapon from Minion Togor in order to kill the creatures.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Minion Togor in Mondo's Lab to receive your weapon
  • Equip your weapon in Mondo's Lab
  • Attack a Dominion Monstrosity in Mondo's Lab
  • Collect Tissue Samples from Dominion Monstrosities in Mondo's Lab
  • Place the Tissue Samples in the Chum Bucket in Mondo's Lab

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 60IconCopper
  • 100 XP

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