"Moment of Opportunity" (MoO for short) is a debuff in WildStar that can be applied by interrupting an NPC during a spell cast. The debuff increases the damage that the NPC takes by 50% and lasts approximately for 3 seconds.

When an NPC is afflicted by a Moment of Opportunity it's health bar will appear purple, and the NPC itself will appear dazed. During this time, the NPC will not use any of its normal spells or abilities (so take advantage of it while it lasts!).

Causing a Moment of OpportunityEdit

A Moment of Opportunity can be caused by any spell that normally disrupts another player or NPC, such as a knockdown, stun, knockback or disarm.

In order to proc the MoO, the player must cast the spell while the NPC is actively casting the spell. As some spells and abilities have short cast times, it may be difficult to stop them in time.

Interrupt Armor may hinder a player's ability to proc a MoO, by increasing the number of "interrupts" a player must cast to stop a spell. Each interrupt that hits the NPC while it still has Interrupt Armor active will only reduce the NPCS Interrupt Armor by 1. Once the NPC's Interrupt Armor hits zero, only the next interrupt that a player casts will stop the spell and proc the MoO. Not that not all spells that destroy an NPC's interrupt armor can cause a MoO. Players must be careful to only use spells that would actually disrupt the NPC otherwise, or at least use their spells in the correct order to ensure the disrupting spell actually causes the MoO.

Unlike in other MMOs, most Bosses in WildStar can be afflicted by a Moment of Opportunity (and in fact, this is one of the more important boss-fighting mechanics in the game). Just like with normal NPCs, players can simply burn through a bosses interrupt armor and hit it with an interrupt while it's casting a spell to proc an MoO. Unlike most NPCs though, some bosses will change their total number of Interrupt Armor while casting certain spells, making it harder or easier to proc an MoO on a Boss depending on the encounter.

To know if a spell can be interrupted at all, just look at the bosses Interrupt Armor while casting a spell. Most Dungeon Bosses need only 2-4 interrupts to proc a MoO, while any spells that shows "infinite" Interrupt Armor cannot be interrupted at all.

List of Spells that cause a MoO by ClassEdit

  • Esper
    • Shockwave
    • Crush
    • Incapacitate
  • Warrior
  • Engineer
  • Stalker
  • Medic
  • Spellslinger

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