IconDominion  Mitey Infestation
Type Quest
Senior Researcher Macopp
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location HillscourgeDeradune
Rewards 4IconSilver 19IconCopper
Episode Spider Problem
Next Caught in a Web

Objectives Edit

Go to the Terminite Mound that contains Exo-Lab 78 in Hillscourge Enter Exo-Lab 78 using the Eldan Teleporter in Hillscourge Kill Deathmite Spiders in Exo-Lab 78

Description Edit

Senior Researcher Macopp has asked you to fight deathmite spiders in Exo-Lab 78 in Hillscourge. He believes they might be a natural solution for controlling terminite population growth, but he's unable to confirm his theory without more data.

Progress Edit

You fought a number of deathmine spiders in Exo-Lab 78. In doing so, you provided Senior Researcher Macopp with reams of

Completion Edit

Report to Senior Researcher Macopp via your Datachron

External links Edit

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