Mikros is the homeworld of the Draken. The planet is orbited by two moons and is tidally locked, one of its sides constantly facing the burning sun and the other stuck in an endless night. The Draken inhabit the twilight ring where day and night intersect.

Field of Kazor Edit

In 344 AE, the Dominion landed on Mikros during a High Clansmeet. A Mechari ambassador approached Zhur, the current High Clanlord of the Draken people, and suggested that he duel Emperor Azrion for the right to command the Draken. Zhur agreed, and met Azrion in the gladitorial ring. Both Luminai Emperor Azrion and Zhur clashed upon the fields, Azrion slaying Zhur after an extended fight whilst the assembled Draken clans looked on As a result, the Draken pledged loyalty towards the emperor and have served the Dominion as their most loyal member race since that time.

Known Location Edit

Images Edit

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