The mysterious, enormous mechanical beings called Megadroids were a race of explorers who discovered Nexus in ancient times. All available evidence indicates this expedition was completely destroyed by Eldan Annihilator constructs within weeks of their arrival on the forbidden planet, and no living examples of the Megadroids have ever been encountered elsewhere in the galaxy. What little is known of their history, including their name for themselves, has been construed from their own decaying databanks and circumstantial Eldan records, but so far their planet and even galaxy of origin remains a mystery. They are believed extinct.

Physical description Edit

Although few intact Megadroid chassis have been found, even partial discoveries indicate they were all similar in size and structure - around fifty meters in height, with humanoid bipedal bodies and roughly humanoid "faces" formed by various sensors and communication apparatuses. It is widely believed they differentiated themselves via energy signatures and internal sensors rather than appearance.

Megadroid remains Edit

The Wilderrun region is home to a high concentration of Megadroid remains, indicating intense combat took place here between Megadroids and Eldan constructs. There are far fewer Eldan construct remains than Megadroid, which points to a largely one-sided victory on the Eldan's part.

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