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"The real hoverbike you're working on is the hoverbike called, 'you.'

Perhaps not by everyone, unless they have forgotten your name, which is Erold, and are stuck calling you by a pronoun until they can figure out what it is.

It is inevitable that they thought they did know your name and failed to take the opportunity to ask you what it was upon meeting you, then realized they did not So they only call you 'you,' rather than 'Erold,' which is your name, as I mentioned. Not YOU-you, the reader-you, but the hypothetical person working on the hoverbike.

A person who is also a hoverbike you are working on a different way. Which is what that means. Make sense?" -

Page 12

"When you look back at where you've been, and look forward to where you're going, and look to the left to see where you might have gone, and looked to the right to see where you can't really go, what are you really seeing? Life. Or maybe time. Or maybe both time and life. Think about that while working on your hoverbike, is what I'm saying."

- Page 17

"Every time someone tells you what they think is the truth, that means a thousand others have a thousand different ideas that are wrong. Working on a hoverbike isa truth that is unique. You either maintain your hoverbike or you do not You either maintain the hoverbike that is you, or you become an untruth. So work on that bike already.

- page 41

"If someone wants to convince you of something you do not believe, and they will not stop, then they do not believe it themselves. They need you to support that belief. You do not need to convince anyone when a hoverbike needs maintenance. That is a belief that is easy to maintain, for it is either true, or it is not"

- page 65

"The appearance of triangulariv is the essence of qualitativeness. Don't think about it too hard and keep working on the bike, I've got many pages to fill. Are you actually still reading this?"

- Page 88


This Journal is located in the Discovery Heights in Wilderrun at 1297,-2344

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