IconExiles  Medbay Mayhem
Type Quest
Level 1
Location Medical BayGambler's Ruin
Experience 120
Rewards 80IconCopper
Episode A Rude Awakening
Previous Cryo Crisis
Next Have A Drink On Me

If Sadie Brightland is to be saved from her cryosickness, Victor Lazarin needs you to collect Cryosickness Serum from the Malfunctioning Medbots that have taken over the Medbay.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Sergeant Kara in the Medbay to receive your weapon
  • Equip the weapon you just received by clicking on your inventory icon in the top menu and right-clicking on your new weapon
  • Damage a Malfunctioning Medbot using your abilities in the Medbay
  • Collect Cryosickness Serum from Malfunctioning Medbots in the Medbay
  • Heal Sadie Brightland in the Medbay

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 80IconCopper
  • 120 XP

Notes Edit

Victor Lazarin is concerned about Sadie Brightland and sends you after serum. Look for and talk to Sergeant Kara. She will give you your first weapon. Open your inventory and equip it. Continue down the hallway till you find mobs to kill. Killing three of them will get you the items you need to complete the quest. Use "V" to vacuum up the loot and return to Lazarin who sends you on to administer the serum to Sadie. Click on Sadie, then turn the quest in to Deadeye Brightland.

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