(This blood-stained journal is the last record of Researcher Martinus's thoughts.)

The horrible vermin that infest this place leave me little hope of survival. Ontus be damned, the coward! Sending me down here alone... should I die, my blood is on his wretched hands!

There is a slight chance I may be able to pull myself from the proverbial fire. There should be a datacube here, or perhaps some notes from the Eldan that created this place.

I have seen datacube fragments scattered about If I can find the pieces and reassemble them, the key to the terminites' destruction will be mine! (There is a sketch below the text which details a broken datacube, as well as a nearby Eldan console.)


This journal is located inside the Exo-Lab 79 - Data Central in Deradune at -5028,-1792

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