Hero to all Lopp, scourge to bad guys everywhere, Marshall Yatish is a hero to his people, a lawman not afraid to deliver extensive "lickin's" to those that threaten his people or his allies--often in horrifically brutal ways.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Yatish is little different from the rest of his kind--he shares the exact same model as any male Lopp in desert areas: sombrero, and cowboy vest. Lore states that he has scars all over his body, though obviously it would be too much detail to render on him.

He has exceptional fighting skills, the already formidable physique and skills of his species honed through many years of combat and pure, unbridled determination. He can oftentimes take on several enemies at once, many times his size, with nothing but a spear and come out the victor. It is very rare to meet the Marshal at a battlefield without a healthy spattering of corpses around him.


Yatish is fair, but ruthless. He will oftentimes perform a small counter-attack, in words or corpses, to let his enemies know he means business, then offer peace to call it even. Should they refuse, things quickly turn ugly for the aggressors.

A good example of this would be his campaign against the Falkrin of Scourwind Perch, Malgrave. After a Lopp caravan was mercilessly killed for merely passing by their territory, Yatish delivered some deaths to a smattering of the Falkrin then put up a Lopp banner to ask for peace. When the birdmen responded with even more aggression, Yatish proceeded to:

  • Slaughter most every single Falkrin in the area
  • Burn their eggs, killing their children
  • Murder the Brides of Osiric, holy women, then incinerate their corpses
  • Assasinate the Broodlord, and
  • Tear down their banners and put up Lopp banner in their place, to add insult to injury

He maintains a cool, detached attitude to his justice bringing, calmly explaining the motives behind his actions and sometimes making amusing, and very, very tasteless comments.

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