IconDominion  Malvolio Portius  IconDominion
Dominion leader
Gender Male
Race Cassian
Location Illium

Malvolio Portius is a Highborn Cassian who appeared as a representative of Dominion in the trailer and administered the City of Illium as a Steward. His main characteristic is his arrogant nature, which he looked down on those beneath his ranks including the player characters. In addition, he showed strong contempt towards Chuas due to their psychopathic nature. In addition, he ordered a team of Chuas to get honey from Buzzbings in Everstar Grove that resulted in their deaths. He is never seen without a cup of alcohol, usually filled with wine. Based on one of the quest in Illium, he's a fan of Artemis Zin's adventure show.

In one of the trailer, his Chua servant put a bomb in his wine glass and was tried for his crime by Radiant Legion in Wilderrun.

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