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Lopp female

Choose the Lopp life. Choose a Lopp job. Choose a village. Choose a bride. Choose a great big shiny pile of shinies, choose kurg-washers, kurg, compact shinies and underwater shinies and electrical shinies and shinies and shinies and more shinies! Choose friends. Choose hat. Choose spear. Choose future. Choose bride. I say that already? Choose kurg again because Lopp love kurg. Choose shinies. Choose Lopp life..\

But Lopp say why? Lopp learn secret. Lopp not have to choose. Lopp choose not to choose! Lopp choose something else. Why? Who cares! Lopp not need reasons when Lopp have Lolli-Lopps!



This journal is located in Celestion at Hijunga Village at 2151,-1949

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