IconDominion  Lightreach Mission
Type Quest
Toric Antevian
Guardian Villos
Level 6
MinLevel 3
Location Lightreach MissionEllevar
Experience 213
Rewards 2IconSilver 10IconCopper
Perimeter Scanner
Serum Injector
The Light's Reach
Reputation +376 Ellevar Sanction
+367 Vigilant Church
Episode Light in a Dark Land
Previous First Impressions
Next Vigilance

Objectives Edit

  • Help Guardian Villos with securing the perimeters of Lightreach Mission
  • Help Woodworker Lucus gather supplies to improve Lightreach Mission
  • Help Artemis Zin find artifacts near Lightreach Mission

Description Edit

The Vigilant Church's military arm, the Radiant Legion, is establishing Lightreach Mission to help lay a foundation for future Dominion domains. Help Guardian Villos, Woodworker Lucus, and Artemis Zin with their duties around the mission.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Return to Guardian Villos at Lightreach Mission

External links Edit

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