Levian Bay is a level 3 to 6 Dominion zone, in the region of Olyssia. Higher level players may access Levian Bay via a teleporter at Lightreach Mission in Ellevar. The area is also a default starter zone for Cassian and Mechari players, though Draken and Chua players can take part in Cassian starter zone of Zin's Landing. In this region, Artemis Zin is leading an expedition on this region for her show's ratings and the Elder Cube despite various warnings she received from government officials.

Zone guide Edit

Levian Bay

Levian Bay

Created by Raylan13Created by Raylan13

Levian Bay Subzones
Exile Warbot · Greyshore · Jagged Cove · Seaspine Point · Star-Comm Station · Stormcaller Landing · The Elder Vault (Engineering Sublevel Theta · Security Sublevel Sigma · Surfskitter Cave) · Zin's Landing
Olyssia Zones
Auroria · Crimson Isle · Deradune · Ellevar · Illium · Levian Bay · Wilderrun

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