The Dominion Legions are the empires military force, divided into four groups composed of roughly 5000 soldiers each.

Crimson Edit

The most frequently seen and iconic Legion, the Crimson Legion is the Dominion's go-to force for any offensives.

Gold Edit

The defensive counterpart of the Crimson Legion, the Gold Legion ensures the safety of the Dominion's settlements.

Radiant Edit

The Vigilant Church's military arm, the Radiant Legion encompasses the best of the best; the courageous, the bold, and the virtuous. Soldiers who have proven their combat prowess and unshakable character.

Although frequently seen defending any settlements of the Vigilant Church like Lightreach Mission, they are also called for the highest priority missions; incursions where failure is not an option.

Black Edit

The Black Legion are the Luminai's personal guard. They are seen on board Destiny with Governor Aluviel.

Images Edit

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