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KitBrinny 2
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Galeras, Thayd, Grimvault

Kit Brinny is the Human from the Exiles, who served as representative for her respective faction in trailers. Based on her in-game NPC's pistols, she may be a Spellslinger. She is serving the Exiles as a soldier in FCON, which she was positioned in Galeras and Grimvault.

Appearances Edit

Other than her appearance as representative of Exiles in trailers, she also appeared in WildStar. She was a recruit who was recruited from Thayd and subsequently pinned down in Galeras after her squad leader was killed by a spider bot swarm. After she and her surviving squad members were rescued, she was given a duty to defend an area from Dominion assault. She later appeared in Grimvault where she built an outpost named Brinny's Wayside Retreat. Her model was used in Sim Core's Siege of Tempest Refuge in Exile's version.

Personality Edit

Kit's main trait is her enthusiasm for war against the Dominion, adventures on Nexus, and representation for the Exiles. In addition, she is also shown to have reckless and easily exicitable nature, which she accidently "wet her breeches" and punched the camera during the "Meet the Exiles" trailer.

Images Edit

Trivia Edit

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