A form of airborne invertebrate equally at home in a vacuum as they are in atmosphere, medusas are a common sight on the planet Nexus, its moons, and the Halon Ring asteroid field. As they have not been found on any other planets, they are believed to have been creations of the Eldan. Their closest relatives on other worlds are small, aquatic creatures that would quickly die if removed from the water. Their primal patterns indicate that they are related to such life forms, but an infusion of primal air energy has created a much larger variety that can easily survive in harsh environments quite different from their native habitats.

Physical Description

Medusas resemble large versions of small aquatic life forms, with translucent bodies shaped like bubbles that trail long, venomous tentacles. They use these appendages to stun prey with electrical shocks generated by the primal air in their systems. This gives their venom time to work on the target's nervous system. They usually do not consume anything larger than a jabbit, but their tentacles can still cause extreme harm to larger creatures such as humans. Medusa Eggs on Farside Scan data indicates the medusa dwelling on Farside have, like many other life forms, been influenced by the rampant primal energy generated by Eldan terraforming efforts. In addition to other peculiarities, this has transformed their eggs into time bombs filled with dormant energy that can be triggered by something as innocuous as a scanbot's scan frequencies.

Terros Medusas

The medusa subspecies designated "terros medusas" should not be able to survive the extreme radiation beneath the malfunctioning terraformer of Whitevale, yet they not only survive in that otherwise deadly zone, but thrive. Their aggressive metabolism and rapid adaptation offers additional proof that Eldan terraforming technology altered not only environments, but creatures through force. Eldan terraformer radiation causes rapid evolutionary changes that allow organisms within the terraformer's energy field to change themselves via adaptation.



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