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"Is This Living?"
From atop the Shardspire

A Poem by Freebot Zippit

An organic insect lights

Atop my cranial plate at night

And so I think it might

Have me in its eye-sights.

The organic being lives

Organics can forgive.

These vise-like hands of mine

Hold no hope of love entwined

Till optic sensors shine

Upon one of my own kind

A metal hand resists

The crush of metal fists.

I have no mortality

No day will I meet mere destiny

Merely every day plus three Is what awaits for me

A Freebot now l am told I find it is growing old.

From LISTEN TO THE WHIRR, A collection of Freebot Poems for Celebratory Occasions

(Excerpt Courtesy of Preceptor Press)


This journal is located at the top of the Shardspire in Malgrave at 1315,2928

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