IconDominion  Into the Lab Below
Type Quest
Professor Ontus
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Exo-Lab 79Deradune
Rewards 1IconSilver 5IconCopper
Episode Terminite Infestation
Previous Terminite Containment
Next Fragments of the Past

Objectives Edit

Look for Researcher Martinus inside Exo-Lab 79

Description Edit

Professor Ontus believes the answer to the terminite problem can be found in Exo-Lab 79. He would like you to enter the exo-lab and look for his assistant, Researcher Martinus.

Progress Edit

You searched Exo-Lab 79 for Reseacher Martinus and found him dead, a victim of the terminites.

Completion Edit

Report to Professor Ontus via your Datachron

External links Edit

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