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ARTEMIS ZIN: You're live or maybe recorded with Artemis Zin from the surface of Nexus! Today I'm skipping my usual introductory monologue about my favorite topics - which are me, and to a lesser extent Kevo -to find out more about my very special guest Commander Toric Antevian of the Radiant Legion!

TORIC ANTEN.,TAN: Good day, m'lady.

AZ: So formal. So charming. So Toric.

TA: What? What was that? Were you just doing a bit?

AZ: A what? I don't do "bits," darling. That was just me, describing you, of course.

TA: Well, it sounded like a bit So what can I do for you, Lady -er, Miss - that is...

AZ: Artemis. My name is Artemis, Commander. Or may I call you Toric?

TA: I'd rather you didn't if its all the same to you.

AZ: Lovely, Toric. So charming.

TA: Stop that Ow! And that

AZ: Relax, its an audio interview.

TA: I'm not sure what that - what I mean is, can we get on with this? I have maneuvers.

AZ: You certainly do. With the men. Go on...

TA: The men of the Legion! Now please, just- please, ask your questions. There is work to do, and war afoot

AZ: I do love when you talk that way. Why are you so flustered, darling? You know I'm just having fun.

TA: Artemis, this isn't funny. I believe in this. You make sport

AZ: Are you saying you're tired of me?

TA: No, I- is that cambot still recording?

AZ: Of course not!

TA: Okay. our... relationship. I'm not ashamed. But you must understand, duty always comes first It must or it is a word that means nothing. I will not let down the men and women lead, and I will not be made sport of for entertainment No matter how I... may feel.

AZ: About me?

TA: About you. Yes. Artemis, I-

AZ: lam certain I know what you're going to say. Don't bother. Let us get back to the interview, shall we?

TA: Sure. You'd better turn that cambot back on.

AZ: What? Oh, yes, right But mark me, Toric Antevian, this conversation will continue. Now - begin recording, cambot- I'm here with Toric Antevian, commander of the Radiant Legion and an inspiration to billions of Dominion citizens, especially the lowborn Cassians who claim him as one of their own. Good to see you, Commander Antevian.

TA: And you, Lady Zin.

(Playback Paused)


This journal is located in Ellevar at -2416,3525 at Lightreach MIssion in the Toric Command Post building.

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