Interrupt Armor is a stack-able character buff mechanism in WildStar that provides immunity from certain kinds of attacks. Each Interrupt Armor on the stack must be removed before a character is vulnerable.

Description Edit

Interrupt Armor protects from Crowd Control and other abilities, by creating a barrier that must be overcome before those abilities can be effective. Interrupt Armor can be granted by buffs and abilities for players, or possessed inherently by certain NPCs.  NPCs with Interrupt Armor will slowly regain their stacks over time.  As a result, players must coordinate their stuns in order to affect them.

Interrupt armor vs Interrupts Edit

Each count of Interrupt Armor protects from a single interrupt or crowd control ability.  When all stacks of Interrupt Armor have been removed, the next Crowd Control ability will affect the target.

As an example, if a mob has 2 stacks of Interrupt Armor, then it will take 3 Crowd Control abilities for a crowd control ability to take effect (2 to remove the stacks, and the 3rd to take effect).

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