IconExiles  Indigenous Intelligence
Type Quest
Level 4
MinLevel 1
Location Settler's ReachNorthern Wilds
Rewards 1IconSilver 6IconCopper
Choose one
Interwoven Polymer Vest
Rootbrute Hide Pants
Survivalist's Stompers
Mountaineer's Boots
Episode Shipwrecked
Previous Setting Up Camp
Next Scattered Supplies

Objectives Edit

Find Scientist Lusk at the Skeech camp outside Settler's Reach Rescue Exile Prisoners inside Coldburrow Cavern Kill Skeech inside Coldburrow Cavern

Description Edit

Deadeye Brightland sent a survivor named Scientist Lusk to find supplies in the forest outside Settler's Reach. Shortly afterward, Lusk reported finding a tribe of feral Skeech near Coldburrow Cavern, but since then, he hasn't checked in.

Progress Edit

You were too late to save Scientist Lusk from the monstrous Skeech, but you were able to rescue most of his companions from being cooked and eaten.

Completion Edit

Speak with Bartol Sunward at Settler's Reach

External links Edit

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