IconDominion  Hunting the Mercenary
Type Quest
Agent Lex
Level 12
MinLevel 9
Location Deradune
Rewards 1IconSilver 71IconCopper
Episode Fight or Flight
Previous Firewalker SOS
Next Leave No Leaf Unturned

Objectives Edit

Locate the first clue Locate the second clue Meet with the ICI Tracker Track the Stolen ICI Speeder to Arkos's current location

Description Edit

Despite puzzling evidence surrounding the Luminai's death, Agent Lex has ordered you to hunt down the fugitive Granok. Follow the clues near Camp Firewalker to determine where Arkos has gone.

Progress Edit

You followed Arkos' trail until it ended near Wildvine Refuge. The Granok must have sought help from his Aurin allies.

Completion Edit

Report to Agent Lex via your Datachron

External links Edit

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