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Your Correspondence -

Missives and musings from readers like you. Also, stories we made up! You should read them. Or not! No pictures, so  really who cares?

- Features-

These are articles about topical events that you're probably not all that interested in at the moment! You might be later. We understand you area complex individual, reader.

- Interviews -

Enigmatic god-thing and licensed wedding officiator DAK-BUUN answers all our questions - and a few we didn't even ask - in our exclusive Hott Lopp interview! Why does he shout ALL THE TIME? Time to find out!

- Columns Princess Kamala of far-flung Skullcano Island is marrying a Lopp "commoner" from distant Wigwalli. Columnist Banki the Offended digs into the controversy!


The hottest Loon on Nexus in a series of exclusive and tasteful halo-pictorials designed for you, the discriminating Hott Lopp reader. Looking for "shinies"? Look no further! Looking for actual shinies, like treasure and so forth? Get out there and find them yourself! Or skip to the next section!

-News 'n' Notes 'n' Nothing Much -

NEWS about and pictures of (actual) shinies! (See?)

NOTES from Far-Trader Diki's latest expedition.

NOTHING MUCH about the ongoing conflict between the Exiles and the Dominion, because what's that have to do with Hott Lapp? NOTHING!


This journal is located in Malgrave in Slushstill Plateau at 1288,4190

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