The Holochambers is located within the Dominion ship, the Destiny. It is accessed via a teleporter within the Imperial Museum.

Here, the Dominion utilizes state of the art Chua-designed training facilities that feature holographic technology, flawlessly simulated Exile foes, and advanced artificial intelligence.

The area is divided into the central Holochambers (where players teleport in), the Exile, Granok, Aurin, and Mordesh Simulations, and then the Final Simulation chamber, where players teleport to the Command Deck.

NPCs Edit

Quest givers

Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:So your ears don't get bored, we've attached music to the Exile training grounds in Dominion Arkship Holochambers.

Destiny Subzones
Cathedral of Light · Command Deck · Cryo-Recovery · Departures Terminal · Garden of the Vigilant · Holochambers · Imperial Museum · Mondo's Lab

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