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IconNeutral -i4Ni-
Name -i4Ni-

About us Edit

-i4Ni- (Prounounced Eye for an Eye) has been around for nearly 15 years. We started out in FPS with MOH and now we also play BF4. But this part of -i4Ni- is for MMO. We will use Mumble for voice chat.

Guild Rules Edit

-i4Ni- does not require to much to be part of our MMO guild, but we do ask that the rules are followed.

The Rules
* We are 18+ because of mature language that may happen
* We ask that you be willing to help others in the guild
* We will not tolerate racial or sexual orientation descrimination
* Once we get a website up and running, we ask that you be active on it
* If you decide to raid with us, please be able to make the dates and tiems we set up
* PVP players are welcome. but we are mainly a PVP guild.
* And most importantly, Have fun!!

Extra Details Edit

As soon as we can, we will get a website up and running and we will put the raid schedule on the website. We are not a hard core raiding group, but we will be a guild that progress to end game. Feel free to visit us on twitch @i4ni_glan_gaming

External links Edit

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