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IconExiles Ultimate Legion
NewlogoUL 001
Name Ultimate Legion
Realm Pergo (NA)
Guild Level 6
Leader Catierina
Target PvE PvP
Members 125-200
Special Brazilian
Restrictions Brazilian Players
Website Ultimate Legion
NewlogoUL 001

Ultimate Legion Logo

Ultimate Legion is a Brazilian community present in many MMOs and e-sports, and they are coming to Nexus! Ultimate Legion players are mature and have an experienced core of players looking for more adventurers. 

What is the Ultimate Legion? Edit

MMOs is the oldest division of Ultimate Legion (UL). MMOs are directly connected to the start of this guild organization. For that reason, the primary focus is to establish a productive relationship with the gaming community which UL is part of, with the objective of getting the respect and admiration of those players.

UL aims to create a community based on responsible people that are capable of keeping a cooperation spirit, no matter their playstyle. The general belief is that styles such as PvP and PvE are two faces of the same coin, making Ultimate Legion a very complete and diverse community.

The WildStar division was created in march, 2014, after Catierina volunteered to take the leadership role. Guild members were present  in the game since Closed Beta, but after the official creation of the division players have been doing group content together in order to prepare for the launch of the game. 

The faction chosen for launch is The Exiles, after a voting took place in early April 2014.

For the duration of the Beta, the guild chose the realm Nexus (NA). The realm for launch will be Pergo (NA).

Officers Edit

  • Guild Leader - Catierina
  • Officers - Legaz, Stabilux

Website and Guidelines Edit

Registering on the community website is open to everyone who wishes to keep informed about news and activities of the Ultimate Legion.

However, to be considered an official member and to have access to the games represented by the guild, the interested player must go through the recruitment process, answering simple questions and providing basic player information in order to give a profile. Afterwards, the Recruitment Coordination will analyze that profile.

Members of the guild start out as Beginner Members, and with time, they progress through the ranks: Veteran (3 months), Champion (8 months) and Legendary (12 months). Progression time may vary according to the participation of members towards the growth of UL Gaming.

All members of the guild must observe the following principles: politeness, participation, collaboration, attention, humility, friendliness, companionship and responsibility with commitments.

External Links Edit

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