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IconDominion The Flamewrought
The Flamewrought
Name The Flamewrought
Founded 4/2/2014
Realm Nexus (NA)
Leader Pyroarch
Target PvE
Restrictions Must not be Exiles.
Website The Flamewrought
The Flamewrought

Our Website: The Flamewrought Website

Our Application: Application

Facebook: The Flamewrought Facebook

About Us Edit

The Flamewrought is a semi-hardcore raiding guild started by a group of friends on the US West Coast. Our members have a great deal of raiding experience, including server first kills in WoW and holding leadership positions in one of the top 150 WoW guilds in BC. Coming for different raiding backgrounds in several MMO's, WildStar is where we take our separate experiences and join them together in one effort: To take WildStar by storm.

Progression Edit

The Flamewrought aims to be a progression raiding guild within WildStar. Once a raiding force has been established, we expect to be concentrating on the 40 man raids. We will be running several 20 man groups once they have been cleared and are on farm.

Content Production Edit

The Flamewrought is currently producing content for the community. This includes zone maps to help players level and figure out where they should go next. They are also producing dungeon guides, with the plan to produce veteran dungeon guides and even raid boss guides.

Twitch Streams Edit

Several of our members will be streaming their leveling experience, general game-play, and even our raiding. You can find their twitch streams here.

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