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IconDominion TMI
Name TMI
Founded 5/31/2014
Realm Thunderfoot (NA)
Leader Zerro
Target Raid PvE PvP
Levels 20+
Special English
Website TMI

TMI is a new Wildstar guild on the Thunderfoot NA server that is looking for friendly and active players willing to do progression raiding and other PvE content. We plan on raiding every Friday and Saturday starting at 7PM PDT and going until people want to stop.

Why TMI?

1. TMI has a CREDD lotto for players that wish to win a free month of Wildstar. Currently the lotto will be held once a month. This will hopefully become once per week when we have more members and the guild can sufficiently afford CREDD each week.

2. TMI awarded raid gear is based on a Participation system. Essentially, if a player shows up and stays through a whole raid, they get one point (Partial attendence is 0.5). Players with the highest points roll against each other for their class equipment. Once a player wins a roll and gets a piece of equipment, they drop back down to 0. You are only allowed to roll for the class/profession that you are currently playing (Unless otherwise allowed due to nobody wanting/needing the item).

3. We plan on branching into other games (Even older ones) to develop a community of players that wish to play whatever game they wish. This also includes partnering with other major guilds so that our members get the best possible connections with other players and events.

Head over to our site (Link on the right) to apply.

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