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IconExiles Star Travelers
Name Star Travelers
Founded 4/23/2013
Realm Stormtalon (NA)
Leader Arawulf
Target Raiding, PvP, Community
Website Star Travelers

About Us Edit

Star Travelers is a community focused WildStar guild formed for the purpose of exploring WildStar and sharing what we discover with others. Our members come from many different MMORPG's and share a passion to contribute positively to the WildStar community. Star Travelers is a medium-core guild with the understanding that many members have real-life commitments, however we expect all members to learn and master their classes when participating in Elder Game content.

Star Travelers is an Exile guild on the Stormtaon realm.

History Edit

Star Travelers was originally formed in mid 2013 by Mike Joseph (aka Arawulf) as a guild called Extra Kick. This guild, however, was put on hiatus when WildStar launch was delayed from December 2013 to Q2 2014. In early 2014, the guild was re-formed as FCON ONE and eventually settled on the name Star Travelers, which highlights the truth that our members have travelled between many MMO's and have finally found our home. 

Star Travelers was established in-game on June 1st, 2014 and is currently in the process of helping members get attuned for raid content.


Recruitment is on a referral basis at this time, however this may change based on our current needs.

Community ProjectsEdit

Our members currentlly own/produce the following WildStar community projects/content:

Website/Social MediaEdit

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