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IconExiles Sisu
Name Sisu
Founded 3/3/2014
Realm Hazak (EU)
Leader Kaldric
Target PvE PvP
Levels 1-50
Country Finland
Special Finnish
Restrictions Only Finnish speakers
Website Sisu

Sisu is a Finnish Exiles guild in Wildstar on Hazak (PvP)-server. The guild focuses on 20-man and 40-man raids and PvP warplots. The guild’s priority is naturally to have fun together and to be able to go through the game's content as much as possible. They know it is hard to find the right balance between doing the best possible performance and still have fun, but they are sure that finding that said balance is possible. In the raids and in the warplots they do their best without nonsense but outside of that the guild is a great social group of friends making Wildstar even better as a gaming experience for everyone in the guild.

The guild can be joined through their website. They are currently looking for more Finnish Wildstar players to all roles as they hope to amass a large pool of players as a reserve so they can raid frequently even if some of their players are unavailable from time to time.

Their requirements in addition to speaking Finnish is not about the player’s current skill level but instead about the player’s dedication to try and become better. They know satisfaction kills progress.

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