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IconExiles Sinister Swarm
Swarm Logo 050
Name Sinister Swarm
Founded 1999
Realm Pergo (NA)
Guild Officers Zude
Target PvE PvP Raid
Accounts 25+
Restrictions 18+ & Must use Ventrilo while in game
Website Sinister Swarm

Sinister Swarm Edit

The Sinister Swarm is a well-established multi-platform gaming community with experience in MMOs, FPSs, RTSs, PvP and PvE where members can build lasting friendships in a fun, active and organized environment. Together for more than 14 years now we range from casual family players to dedicated hardcore PVE and PvPers with a full roster of both mature and respectful members.

  • 15+ Years Gaming Experience.
  • Mature, Family Friendly and largely community-driven.
  • 250+ Slot Ventrilo Server with 24/7 activity.
  • PvP/PVE, all walks of MMO life represented within the Swarm!
  • Weekly Community Wide Swarm Events: PvE + PvP Tournaments, Contests, Social Activities and Challenges; this includes world events & raids and so much more!

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