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IconExiles Silver Moon Salvage
Name Silver Moon Salvage
Founded 25th February 2005
Realm Lightspire (EU)
Leader Farraday
Target PvE PvP Raid RP
Levels 1 - 50
Website Silver Moon Salvage


Silver Moon Salvage is a new sister guild to the renowned "Silver Moon" of Argent Dawn (EU). Formed from a group of friends from WoW as well as newcomers. We function seperately from the other guilds with our own structure and ruling. We primarily communicate through English but we do have members from all over europe.

We style ourselves a roleplay guild with the intent to explore all that Wildstar has to offer. Be that Socially, PvE, PvP, or Raiding.


The MoonsEdit

Listen up,

the Silver Moon Salvagers are a way of life. If you're here, now, it means you got troubles. Troubles bad enough to pick up and leave your old life behind for the glorious pro-fession of scrapping and salvaging. A lotta people are headin' to nexus and things'll get ugly fast. When that happens, there's work for us - ugly business usually ends in scrap.

You want to be part of this venture, you gotta understand the rules. This is Outlaw country - if you can't stomach that, run crying to the Dommies right now. That said, the Moons have rules. Simple, easy to remember. Keeps you honest and keeps you alive.

Rule one: The Moons come first. Your old life, your blood, friends, home-planet - that's all secondary. We're your family and we look out for our own.

Rule two: Don't ask about Silverback business. If you need to know, you'll know.

Rule three: Dommies get no quarter. They will put you in a cage and take everything from you - don't give them the chance.

So you think you're cut out for it? You may have been hot stuff back from wherever you came from, but you ran. Now you're out here where no-one has your back and there's a big ol' target on it. Exiles gotta stick together to survive, else Nexus will eat you up. You want to run with the Moons, you'll have to earn it.

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