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IconExiles Nevidicus
Nevidicus EU header
Name Nevidicus
Founded 03/06/2014
Realm Ravenous (EU)
Guild Level 25
Leader Sypherine
Guild Officers ColonelBeanz, FlockThruster, Raynok, Alphadestroyer
Target PvE PvP
Accounts 38
Levels 50% 50
Website Nevidicus

Nevidicus is a fun and active guild in the European English PvP realm Ravenous (EU) . Nevidicus has started as a lone guild although on 10/06/2014 the guild Order of The Weasel has merged into it. Nevidicus is not currently recruiting in game, although if you are willing to join the guild please fill this quick form.


Nevidicus' Emblem

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