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IconDominion Nation
Name Nation
Founded 3/23/2014
Realm Pergo (NA)
Guild Level 0
Leader HayStack
Co-Leader Beare
Guild Officers TBD
Target PvE
Accounts 21+
Levels 20-40+
Restrictions Must not be a d-bag
Website Nation

WildStar Nation

<Nation> Edit

<Nation> is a community guild for the WildStar Nation Podcast, and will be welcome to all. We intend to man one hardcore progression team, as well as many more casual teams as needed. We will engage in Warplots and every other facet of the game as well.

About <Nation> Edit

We founded this guild primarily as a community home for the fans of the WildStar Nation Podcast (all three of you). However, to satisfy HayStack's masochistic tendencies we will be running one hardcore 40-man progression raid team, in addition to however many more casual teams are needed to keep everyone who's interested in raiding in the action. We'll also engage in adventures, dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas, and warplots.

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