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IconDominion MOG Domination
Name MOG Domination
Founded 6/6/2012
Realm Thunderfoot (NA)
Guild Level 50
Leader Avidguru
Co-Leader Guild Mom aka Bijou (Dominion)
Guild Officers Podododo, Xandros, Kryptonian, Thaliff, Dark Side Loyal, Combat Steve, Nyt, ThunderBlast
Target PvP PvE Raid
Members See MOG Nation's Wildstar Guild Website
Accounts 200+
Levels 1-50
Restrictions MOG Nation is an 18+ gaming community
Website MOG Domination

MOG Nation is an 18+ gaming community that supports an assortment of different play styles and games. Maturity, respect, and understanding that real life often trumps a video game - these things are top priority. As a community we uphold strong values and concepts like: making sure all players have mutual respect for one another, having an open mind to the schedule of working professionals and parents, encompassing a wide range of play styles from Hardcore to Casual, supporting players interested in ALL aspects of MMO game play from PVP to PVE to Crafting and Exploration, community members that want to engage in productive discussions about the gaming industry, making sure each member has at least ten heads of the opposing faction mounted on the walls of their house but most of all having more fun than a Rowsdower in a grass-eating contest.

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