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IconDominion Lunacy
Name Lunacy
Founded 2/14/2014
Realm Myrcalus (NA)
Leader Albion
Co-Leader Healium
Target PvP PvE
Accounts 110
Levels 50
Special Oceanic
Website Lunacy

About Edit

Lunacy is an Oceanic, PvPvE, Dominion guild. Formed by a tight-knit group of friends, Lunacy has evolved into a guild of like-minded, talented players who know how to have a good time while maintaining a mostly ‘hardcore’ approach to gaming. As a result of the community that we have developed, the guild is able to help players achieve their end-game goals as well as helping them grow along the way.

Our goal is to achieve top tier Oceanic ranking for both PvE and PvP within WildStar. The guild is currently made up of a number of very accomplished players from a variety of other platforms who are working together to ensure that we have fantastic results in this game as well. Our officers focus heavily on individual and group development to ensure that players are performing at their best. Ultimately, we want members to be able to enjoy the full extent of the game and get the most out of it as possible.

We welcome all players of the Oceanic community and also accommodate those who aren't from the Oceanic region, such as late night North American players. We aim to create a strong presence of the Oceanic community in WildStar. We plan on rolling on the PvP server Myrcalus (NA) upon release.

If you’ve got this far and think that Lunacy sounds like what you’re after, apply now as we are always on the hunt for good players of virtually any class or role!

Players from all regions are welcome and encouraged to join!

Rules and Regulations Edit

  • Must be polite and well mannered.
  • Must show respect for fellow guild members at all times.
  • Must have previous experience with MMORPG's.
  • Must be willing to learn from mistakes (if any!).
  • Must be aware of game mechanics at all times (don't stand in the telegraphs!).

We will not tolerate any drama within the guild and will strive to resolve any issues before they arise.

Raid Schedule Edit

Raid Times: Raiding times are currently set at [based on GMT+10]

   Wednesday 19:30 - 23:30
   Sunday 19:30 - 23:30
   Monday 19:30 - 23:30

Please Note: Raiding times are tentative to change for player accommodation.
Additionally: There will be a 5-10min break during the raids as well at around the half way point.

Contact Us Edit

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via our guild website, linked below.


External links Edit

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