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IconDominion Los Cogumelos
Name Los Cogumelos
Founded 12/12/12
Realm Cassus (NA)
Guild Level 25
Leader Sthalker
Target PvE
Accounts 100+
Levels 50
Country US
Restrictions Be pro.

Los Cogumelos is an international guild, founded by Sthalker in 2012 to raid 10m-Raids of World of Warcraft. Since then, Los Cogumelos have been expanded to many others online games such as Dota 2, Counter Strike, Diablo III, Neverwinter and now WildStar.

Apply Edit

To become a Los Cogumelos member, all that you need is to have "fingers" to play as one of the best gamers in the world and to have the spirit of we like to call "the zueira". Contact Sthalker (Chua SpellSlinger) initially in server Cassus (PvE) to join us.

Focus Edit

Los Cogumelos will be in a PvP realm, probably the next one to be open to players at Dominion faction, because server Nexus is too mainstream to us.

Once founded, we'll focus on raiding 20m-raids. Stay on.

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