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IconDominion LD50
Name LD50
Founded 2006
Realm Stormtalon (NA)
Leader Utopi
Guild Officers Bastian, Dargos, Gash, Mag, Ratio
Target PvE PvP
Accounts 40+
Levels 50
Website LD50

Mission Edit

LD50 is an elite PvE and PvP guild, built on a solid and accomplished history dating back to 2006. LD50 has always maintained a high level of play in every game through a structured design and strong, dedicated leadership.

LD50 has two separate but integrated PvE and PvP branches which provide our members with the flexibility to approach games however they want. Our PvE branch focuses on fast and efficient content completion which allows us to successfully compete in worldwide progression. LD50's PvP branch employs advanced tactics and quality play which help to keep our fiercely competitive members at the pinnacle of the game.

Our connected PvP and PvE branches grant valuable insights into all aspects of the game. LD50 players have the diverse skills and experience necessary to conquer the challenges of any game we play. We constantly strive to improve and be the best at whatever we do.

Ethos Edit

LD50 is competitive, with a drive to excel across all types of content. We demonstrate this commitment daily by being knowledgeable, practiced and skilled. We apply the same standards to ourselves as to recruits, and we believe that bestowing the LD50 guild tag is an honor worthy only of those who meet our high standards. As members of a gaming community, and as fans, we naturally have strong opinions and will share them vocally. Still, we treat each other with the dignity and respect of teammates who have earned our places through continuous improvement.

History Edit

LD50 is proud of its history, members and reputation.

It was back in 2006 when Paradigm first started to dominate the strange land of Norrath, and time has marched on. We've grown through name changes, restructuring, Coruscant… Across myriad worlds we have struck forth, conquered, reveled and probably got thoroughly lost.

In other words—we have been around the block and we are still here.

LD50's highlights have included world firsts, infamous PvP and years of amazing memories.

External links Edit

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