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IconExiles KarmaGaming
Name KarmaGaming
Founded 07/01/2012
Realm Widow (NA)
Guild Level 1
Leader Aideya
Co-Leader esdf
Target PvE PvP
Members ~15
Levels All
Country Mostly NA
Restrictions Don't be a douche
Website KarmaGaming

Who Are We? Edit

KA is a gaming community which got its start as a reddit-based guild during beta of Guild Wars 2. Our GW2 branch is still running strong after 2 years with over 400 active members.

What Are We About Edit

We are a PvX guild, open to any level of hardcore (or not) play. Our key is to be a social guild accepting of all people an their playstyles. With exceptions: don't be a dick. Karma has a general rule: Racism, sexism, homophobia or any discriminatory remarks and trolling are not tolerated. Every member of Karma is expected to abide by, and stand up for the core values that represent the Karma experience.

General Rules Edit

Karma Members should always remember:

  1. Do not take advantage of guild members. Do not ask members to power level your character and do not attempt to sell services. This list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea on what is not acceptable.
  2. The Gentleman/Ladies Agreement: When using forums, guild chat or Mumble please be respectful to other guild members. The guild is large and consistently adding players from all walks of life and everyone is here to have fun. To keep the awesome community that Karma promotes, let's avoid topics that can result in arguments and hurt feelings. Some of those topics are: politics, religion, sex, guns, sexuality etc.

We understand that sometimes the conversation tends to steer into these topics, and when they do make sure you keep a respectful chat while also making sure the conversation does not go too far. Also please remember to take everything on the internet with a grain of salt, as again we all come from different backgrounds where some things are a social normality while others feel it would be offensive.

In-Game Behavior: Rage quitting on guild groups, harassing guild mates, constantly spamming chat or giving Karma a bad name will result in swift action from officers.

Interactions in map chat or public forums must be done with tact and good behavior. Do not troll, flame or act in a manner that would reflect poorly on Karma. We do not talk ourselves up in forums, we let our actions speak for themselves.

Officers/Leaders have the final call on any issue or breach of policy. Karma has a full staff of officers to deal with any concern or rule violation that may occur. As such they have the final say on any dispute.

Recruiting Edit

KarmaGaming is recruiting any and all who feel they meet these simple requirements and would like to join us on Widow. Apply on our website to get started. Please join us in comms (far right tab of the navbar on our site), we'd love to hear from you!

External links Edit

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