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IconDominion Karma
Name Karma
Founded 2/26/2014
Realm Nexus (US)
Leader FailureToLoad
Guild Officers Zicamox, Rage, McScamperson
Target PvE
Accounts 20+
Levels 0-40+
Restrictions Have a sense of humor
Website Karma
GuildKarma-s crop

About Us Edit

We're a semi-hardcore group of people who had to grow up and get big adult jobs. Or had families. Or decided they wanted to get a degree. The point is, we get that life gets in the way of playing games and we're sympathetic to that.

The majority of our members have raided in other MMO's and want to continue the experience in this one. The aim for us is to get a group of determined raiders together in order to see all the end-game content Wildstar has to offer. We're not pushing the envelope with multiple 6+ hour raids for server firsts and our officers aren't going to give you shit if you have to miss a week. The second someone signs up though, we expect them to research the fight, bring consumables and repair their friggin' armor.

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