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IconDominion Irradiant
Irradiant C black
Name Irradiant
Founded 4/13/2014
Realm Evindra (NA)
Leader Khybur
Guild Officers Anastasia, Cabbage, Frostyflakes, Sixxin
Target Raid
Accounts 60+
Website Irradiant

Irradiant is a semi-hardcore raiding guild of badasses rocking it out for the Dominion.  While we make our home on the Evindra roleplaying server, we focus on providing a top-notch progressive raiding experience.  Roleplayers and PvPers are welcome, but we are first and foremost a raiding guild, and an awesomely kickass one at that!  We also welcome friends and family.

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday - Thursday, 9pm - 12am CST/CDT with a fourth day on Monday for additional progression.

Recruitment Edit

We're looking for competitive players with awesome attitudes to join us as we tackle Nexus' big nasties!  If that sounds like you, fill out the application here or visit Recruitment on our website!  If we are not presently recruiting players of your designated role, fear not!  All exceptional players (and people!) will be given a fair nod, so don't hesitate!  Awesome people won't regret it.  Ever.

Role Class Status
Tank Engineer Low
Tank Stalker Low
Tank Warrior Low
Healer Esper Low
Healer Medic CLOSED
Healer Spellslinger Low
Melee Medic Low
Melee Stalker Medium
Melee Warrior Medium
Ranged Engineer Low
Ranged Esper Low
Ranged Spellslinger Low

External Links Edit

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