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IconDominion Imperial Underground
Name Imperial Underground
Founded 1/1/2008
Realm Nexus (US)
Leader Mantard
Co-Leader Chasey
Guild Officers Aarrandar, Palles, Slylock, Stressmonkey, Sudo
Target PvE
Accounts 40+
Restrictions Players 18+
Website Imperial Underground

Our Charter:

Our Application:



About us Edit


We are a bunch of gamers that like to have fun. The core group of members have been playing MMO's together since Vanilla WOW and take pride in the fact that we have been friends for over 6 years inside and out of the games we play. Our current game we are focusing on is WildStar! Dominion Faction! If you would like to join us and be a part of our family, then head over to the Application page and tell us about yourself.

Members Edit

We are a progression raiding guild with 60+ members, we will be concentrating on 40 Man raids with the possibility of multiple 20 man groups

Imperial Underground Recruitment Video-002:05

Imperial Underground Recruitment Video-0

Imperial Underground is recruiting, apply today at

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