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IconDominion Immortalis Noctis
IN logo bitmap
Name Immortalis Noctis
Founded 2009
Realm Pergo (EU)
Guild Level over9000
Leader Ico
Co-Leader Acaria
Guild Officers ChaosEnergy
Target PvE PvP
Members -
Accounts 55
Levels 50
Restrictions Age 18+ and a dark sense of humour
Website Immortalis Noctis

About Us Edit

We are Immortalis Noctis, a Dominion guild from Europe. We are friends from other MMOs (primarily Guild Wars(1 + 2), World of Warcraft, Aion and Rift). Immortalis Noctis was started as a semi-hardcore PvP/PvE Legion in Aion where we went to claim the server top spot for AP and maintain a reputation as one of the best legions on the server. We later reformed for Rift where we secured server first on all raid launch content and world 3rd in Rift for PvE progress. Now we hope to achieve the same or greater in WildStar. We are currently looking for new members with the same interest in high end content to join our ranks. Immortalis Noctis will be focusing primarily on Raid progression and then PvP once PvE is cleared for the week.

Recruitment Information Edit

In the aim of keeping this page 'lite', please find all of our most up to date recruitment information on our recruitment forums. We do require applicants to be 18+ due to the already unhinged nature of most of our members!

External links Edit

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