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IconExiles Immortal Sanctum Gaming
Wildstar header 007
Name Immortal Sanctum Gaming
Founded 1/1/2013
Realm Nexus (NA)
Guild Level 25
Leader Darkzangetzu
Co-Leader IronArm
Guild Officers Blue IronArm Curley
Target PvE & PvP
Accounts 21+
Levels 20-40+
Website Immortal Sanctum Gaming

About Us Edit

The Immortal Sanctum Gaming Community originally was created by an alliance of three guilds; Academy of the Republic, Serenity (now Sanctus), and The Republic Special Forces. Since this time the Immortal Sanctum Alliance has grown into a gaming news site looking to provide like-mind players of several games with the latest news and information in the gaming world. We at the ISG Community look forward to offereing a place for gamers to gather, discuss, and play games together.

Our Mission Edit

Our mission in WildStar is to have a blast and get things done. We want to help other achieve together so we all can get to the content we want. Whether it's raiding or PvP we want to do it all, and we want you to join us on our quest!

External links Edit

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