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IconExiles Greysky Syndicate
Name Greysky Syndicate
Founded 03/26/13
Realm Evindra (NA)
Leader Sly
Guild Officers Domenic, Gem, Daze
Target RP
Levels 1-50
Restrictions Experienced Rpers
Website Greysky Syndicate

Overview Edit

"The Greys? WHO'S ASKIN'? WHO SENT YA'S? YOU AFTA NINE TOE PETE'S LAST TOE? Woah, friend, woahwoahwoah, put da gun down dere, eesh, just cuz I pulls a knife this mook pulls a hand cannon, no respect for the business, you gots, ya goon. You ain't a gumhose, right?

Greysky Syndicate, yeah, I knows 'em. They ain't bad folk, usually. I mean, they ain't no Darkspur, y'know? They ain't kidnapping us out of the alleys, but they ain't got no clean hands among 'em, y'know what I'm sayin'? Eh? Eh? Nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat? Eh? Y'feel m- PUT THE GUN DOWN PLEASE thank you. Alright, fine, look, they sell drugs, that's all. Break a few kneecaps, a protection racket here and there, nothin' the Judges care about, capeesh?

Hey, uh, you go lookin' for 'em, do old Pete a favor and ask if they got anymore Arboria Red comin' in, yeah? Pete's got the shakes."

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