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IconExiles Good Game Kids
Name Good Game Kids
Founded 2/20/2013
Realm Undecided (NA)
Leader ImCloudHigh
Co-Leader TelFiRE
Guild Officers Killpacko
Target Raid
Levels 50
Country US
Restrictions Hardcore raiders and close friends
Website Good Game Kids

Good Game Kids is an established gaming clan that started in StarCraft II. We are seeking WildStar players for a competitive 40 man hardcore raiding team. Must be mature, respectful and reliable; extensive raiding experience strongly preferred. No drama! Apply Now!

About Good Game Kids Edit

  • Formed in February 2013 just after release of clans in StarCraft 2
  • Highly competitive clan in the StarCraft 2 Community
  • Seeking to field a high quality WildStar guild with a hardcore raiding focus
  • Will be raiding as Exiles on a US PVP realm

Schedule Edit

  • 6pm-9pm Pacific (9pm-12am Eastern) on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Subject to change according to guild members' schedules
  • Raids may occasionally be 4 hours during progression

Requirements Edit

  • Mature
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Has some experience raiding at a high level in MMORPG games
    • or willing and able to learn very quickly
  • Reliable setup that includes low ping and high performance in WildStar, a microphone, and Mumble.

Expectations Edit

  • We are looking for people who are interested in MMO raid progression at a high level, who have the drive and time necessary to push through top tier content.
  • Be on time for raids, every time, with all necessary consumables and other raid gear
  • You must commit to attend raids and maintain near-perfect attendance during progression. You must notify an officer in advance if you will be missing a mandatory raid.
  • You are expected to put in the necessary work to optimize your character to the best of your ability, and seek help from fellow raiders whenever necessary to ensure your character is at its best.
  • You are encouraged to participate in some PvP activity, especially with other guild mates. This helps grow knowledge of your character and builds team strength.
  • At all times you must be respectful to your fellow raiders and guild mates
  • Do not cause public drama, please try to settle any disputes with the person privately first, and contact an officer if absolutely necessary.

External links Edit

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