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IconExiles Filthy Gorgeous
Ingame logo3
Name Filthy Gorgeous
Founded 18/5/2013
Realm Ravenous (EU)
Leader Ceodoc
Guild Officers AcidBaron, Mier, Mort, Xaine
Target Raid
Levels 50
Country EN
Restrictions Hardcore raiders
Website Filthy Gorgeous

We are a high quality raiding guild with a hardcore focus on quick & smart progression through WildStar's raids from a 4 day per week schedule. All of our players have extensive experience with hardcore raiding in previous games and are up for the challenge of WildStar! Within our 4 day schedule our core aim is to always clear current content before the nerfs, the sweetspot of gaming if you like. This aim defines us as a hardcore raiding guild.

About Filthy Gorgeous Edit

  • Formed in May 2013 for WildStar
  • Will be raiding 4 nights a week as Exiles on an EU PVP realm
  • Always open to applications from world class players regardless of recruitment status

Schedule Edit

  • 7.30pm-11pm BST (8.30pm-12am CEST) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Potential extra raids will happen during progression
  • Raids may occasionally last longer than scheduled during progression

Requirements Edit

  • 80% monthly attendance to maintain core status
  • Mature and progress-orientated
  • Never cause drama
  • Experience raiding at a high level in a comparable MMO
  • Being on TS3 durings raids and social events (preferably with microphone)

Achievements Edit

  • Realm first Experiment X-89 kill (26/06)

External links Edit

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