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Founded 2007
Realm Zhur (EU)
Leader Genophix (Wildstar GM)
Guild Officers Ishvii - Xivik - Xilana - Mortix - Visho
Webmaster Hippish
Target PvE PvP
Restrictions 18+

About us Edit

A long time ago (2007) Exterminatus was formed under the name Damned Souls in the MMORPG Warhammer Online. Over the last several years we’ve played various games that include titles such as: Aion, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. While MMORPG’s are our main focus, members also get together to play games like Team Fortress, Battlefield, Borderlands and Diablo.

Based in Europe (GMT/UTC) we have gathered members from all over and a lot of them have stuck with us throughout the years. We’re a mature (18+) community that attracts many gamers who are looking for a place that doesn’t uphold a ‘hardcore’ attitude, but still wants to get things done and organizes to do so. Based on that mentality we raid, quest and take charge in a player-versus-player environment. Whatever we do, we do it to have fun and the social aspect of gaming together is very important. We don’t just talk in game; we also use Team Speak and have a very active forum on our website with topics that range from game-related articles to fun remarks.

No matter what we always understand that work, education and family come first. It’s why we built this community together and why everyone chips in when they can. Teamwork is essential and one of our most important values. We always set out to achieve our goals and we do take our progression seriously.

We have a lot of experience in organizing and leading events in both Player-versus-Environment and Player-versus-Player, but also crazy ones such as Races and Treasure hunts. We do things with a passion, but definitely also a few laughs.

Raiding Policy Edit

We are a semi-hardcore guild and we strive to be fair and provide for everyone an opportunity to raid. That being said, we only take in players who have what it takes to bring the bosses down, especially when it comes to progression.

In order to guaranty our success, we expect members signing up for raids to:

  • Know their class inside out
  • Know the fights and strategies we provide
  • Be prepared with consumables and sufficient, fully repaired gear
  • Be online and ready before starting time

Raiding Schedule Edit

  • Monday 8pm - 11pm CET/CEST
  • Wednesday 8pm - 11pm CET/CEST
  • Sunday 8pm - 11pm CET/CEST

Warplots and Rated Battlegrounds Schedule Edit

  • Tuesday 8pm - 11pm CET/CEST
  • Thursday 8pm - 11pm CET/CEST
  • Saturday 8pm - 11pm CET/CEST

Guild Progress Edit

External links Edit

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