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IconExiles Dusksail Marauders
Name Dusksail Marauders
Founded March 2014
Realm Nexus (NA)
Leader Barty
Guild Officers Chacho, Bluff, Casimir, Abelle
Target RP-PvP
Levels Any
Restrictions Must be 16+ years of age
Website Dusksail Marauders

Dusksail Marauders is an RP-PvP guild currently on the Nexus (US) server until launch. Their guildbase is in Thermock Hold, Whitevale, but members can be found anywhere in Nexus during beta. 

Summary (In-Character) Edit

  The Dusksail Marauders is, simply put, a group of ragtag pirates. Having found little value in small-scale, trifling heists, Captain Belle Reedleaf set off with a group of her closest companions -- otherwise known as privateers (or officers)-- in order to pursue high end thievery.   Referring to themselves as the "Dusksail", and occasionally the "Marauders" (not to be confused with the other Marauders), the Dusksail are known to sack a settlement at night and be gone by morning, without a trace. It is rumored that they leave traces of their treasures burried everywhere across Nexus; or at least most believe it's the captains way of reassuring her stashes are safe. As if it were uncommon for a pirate to bury treasure. The Dusksail primarily find themselves in Thermock Hold, where they are safe from the Exiles' loosely formed justice system. Amongst the smugglers, drunks, and off-duty soldiers, there isn't much to be suspect of. Within Thayd is another story. Most members who have earned the title of "Marauder" are plastered on poorly rendered wanted posters, making it nearly impossible for them to enter the city without some sort of cover, or false identity. Most exile settlements outside of Thayd won't turn down a traveler passing through town as long as they've got coin in hand and a smile 'cross their face.

About (Out of Character) Edit

Dusksail is a medium-sized, chaotic neutral, exile-based guild with rp events and WPvP all based around the fact that the members are a band of pirates. That means theivery, pillaging, and treasure. Lots of it.

Currently the Dusksail members are scattered across Nexus, spreading RP around the exile's main hubs.

Guild Policies Edit

Like all guilds, the Dusksail also follow a certain set of IC (in-character) and OOC (out of character) policies.

OOC PoliciesEdit

  • Harassment, in any form, inside or outside of guild chat will not be tolerated.
  • Members must act respectful of other guild's policies and members.
  • In World PvP, any defilement of another player's corpse (this includes banners, t-bagging, etc.) is not  tolerated. This is considered disrespectful to the opposing guild and player.
  • Roleplay will always come first before other in-game obligations.

IC PoliciesEdit

  • ERP or any inappropriate form of roleplay (such as godmodding, powerplay, metagaming, etc.) is not tolerated. ERPing in a public channel results in a ban.
  • To avoid godmodding, all members must ask permission from a player before acting upon something that would effect the other character. (I.e. something harmful like attacking, pushing, etc.) Communication is key to fun rp!
  • All members must remember that they're pirates. And being pirates comes with social stigma. Be wary of where you roleplay!

References Edit

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